Complete Fireplaces & Services has been established for over 25 years of supplying fireplaces, and services. The company’s success is based on a passionate commitment to great,  design, craftsmanship, and outstanding service.

Great design is vital with every customer, since each customer has different wants, likes , or needs. Our products, and services are the best in town.

Our craftsmanship means utilizing traditional techniques in our manufacturing whether hand carving or staining our customized mantels. We use labor intensive and highly skilled processes to ensure the best product.

Complete Fireplaces & Services prides itself on its outstanding service, which has enabled the company to lead the market. We aim to provide the best possible service to our customers, an inspiration which is embraced, and fostered throughout our company. 

Robby Keener


Texas born and raised with over 25years of experience in the fireplace industry.

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